Lucia's Writings

Behind “Hide (Like Stars)”

“Hide” is my favourite happy song out of all the songs we’ve written up until now and this is why we decided to release it as a single and pair it with a lovely video to go with it. I don’t remember quite exactly how writing it went, but I do know that it was a chilly winter night and Marius, my writing partner, and I were brainstorming ideas in our studio back home. I started playing the first couple of notes at the beginning of the tune (which were at first played on a bass guitar and then ended up being played on a violin) and, while we recorded it, I had a fit of uncontrollable laughter! We realised that it sounded kind of cute with me laughing in the background and we kept that in the final recording.

I personally find writing lyrics for a song the hardest part, as you have so many ideas going through your head while singing and you have to choose only a couple of them to put into words. There is never a rule, though, some songs start out with a concept, with the ‘story’ of the lyrics, and in some cases you just play the piano and sing along and then think ‘Hmm, what does this song sound like? Does it sound like a song about friendship? Does it sound like a song full of hatred?” .
“Hide (Like Stars)” is a song about having someone in your life who you can always ‘hide’ from the world with. The great thing about having this person near you is that you can face anything when they are by your side, from bad thoughts “recalling all the waste/declaring war against our minds” to real things such as a fear of dogs “when dogs are howling at the moon/but we are so brave”. As a matter of fact, this is one of my greatest fears and the best place to find stray dogs is, unfortunately…all around our studio! We thought of stars because they are the best ‘hide and seek’ players there are: they are all around us during the day, but we can’t see them, can we? 🙂

The reaction to the song was mixed, some hated it and some loved it, all because it was different from the previous ones. Some people said that they hated the ‘change of style’, but I believe they got that all wrong: “Hide” is indeed different, but that doesn’t mean that all my songs from now on will sound like it. This is not a ‘change of style’, it’s just me trying to express another side of mine, a more optimistic one. But, at the end of the day, I am still the same sad and depressed Lucia you’ve known up until now,

“Me Over You”- the acoustic version

We shot the acoustic version of “Me Over You” in December last year, one of the coldest months there can be in Romania. It was way past midnight when we started recording and outside the temperatures had dropped to somewhere around -15 degrees Celsius (which is around 5 degrees Fahrenheit). I had my big ski/winter jacket on: you should see that thing, it’s absolutely huge! It’s not the prettiest of jackets, even though it might have been in the 80’s : its exterior is made out of a lot of colourful patches to the point where it kind of looks like an ugly home-sewn blanket and I got it for about 5 dollars at a local thrift shop. I was so sad when I had to take it off in order to start filming: it might be really ugly, but it’s the warmest thing! The video was shot in an amazing house close to the center of Bucharest, called Home Matasari, found on Matasari street at no. 17. It’s not only a place for venues, cultural and artistic events, but young people also rent the rooms and live there for as long as they need and want. Iulian Vacarean was kind enough to let us shoot there: he’s the one in charge of the house and the one who organizes a street festival on Matasari street every other year as well.
It took a couple of takes to get it right and you can tell when we finally did it by the smiles on our faces. After Mihnea, my guitarist, and I were done with the song, we shot the ‘Global Questions’ video and that also took a couple of takes as I was so tired I kept bursting into laughter every time I tried to answer a question! I guess that’s how I react to tiredness, I can’t help myself!

I hope you are all doing well and if I were you I’d keep an eye on my Facebook page, because we’re preparing something new for you!


Over and out,

5:05 P.M

The “what I have been up to recently” – part 2

December 2012- August 2013

Long time no hear, guys, right? It has been a bit over 8 months since I’ve last posted a journal entry, but a lot has been going on in my life recently. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you, I would never do that, because you know very well that your support is what keeps me going!

2013 was my last year of high school and it was filled with lots of wonderful moments spent with some of my best friends. It wasn’t only until our last day, until our graduation ceremony, that I realized how much I would miss this very important period of my life and all the people that have been by my side in these great times. High school was amazing, probably the best time of my life up until now, and I know I’ll miss it a lot (except for all the exams and for my very annoying physics teacher!).

In Romania, we need to pass an exam called “the baccalaureate” in order to get into college and, trust me, it’s not an easy one! I had to study intensely for a couple of months for it, as it included many subjects such as Romanian literature or history, but in the end it was worth it. I can definitely say it was the most difficult and most stressful exam I’ve ever had to take, and it took away for a little while the thing that I most loved doing: being in the studio and writing music. Having passed the “infamous” baccalaureate, I enrolled in college, choosing to major in psychology, the subject I loved most throughout high school.

Now that all this academic craziness is far behind, I’ve gone back to my usual writing sessions and studio time, which makes me really happy and takes away all the stress that has built up over the past couple of months. We are currently in Los Angeles along with our management team and we have our own studio here, as cozy as the one back home so we’re ready to start writing again.

I absolutely love Los Angeles judging by how much I’ve seen of it in the two weeks I’ve been here! It is completely different from any other city I’ve ever visited, especially from my favorite city in the world, London. I’m usually a fan of dark, gloomy weather, but a bit of sunny weather was as refreshing as a breath of fresh air. I think these would be the perfect words to describe L.A : a breath of fresh air! People seem really joyful and cheery, everybody has their own unique sense of style and fashion and they are not afraid to show it, the city is really green and full of palm trees and it definitely feels like a place of many opportunities and possibilities. I’m going to be here for three more months and I can’t wait to more of the West coast: Las Vegas and San Francisco, maybe even drive to the Grand Canyon!

I hope you are all doing well, are you enjoying your summer holiday? I know some of you start school or work earlier than others do…I’m really sorry if you do, but I hope you’ll have an amazing school year, especially those who are just starting high school or college! Getting used to new classmates and teachers isn’t always easy, unless you’re a social butterfly, but I’m sure it will be an incredible experience!

Lucia, over and out, 2:38 A.M

The “what I have been up to recently” and “Happy Holidays!” blog post!

My last couple of months have been absolutely amazing but at the same time really emotional, as I have come to learn that performing in front of large crowds can be both beautiful and stressful at the same time.

At the end of November, I attended the gala held by the national television here, organized in order to raise awareness on the International Day of People with Disability and to present some honourable persons with disabilities with awards. I played “Silence” live, in front of a room full of people, but I was so nervous I couldn’t even look at the crowd to see their reaction. My feet were shaking so hard I could barely press down on the sustain pedal and I started singing, choked with emotion. It wasn’t until I got to the chorus that I forgot about what was going out around me and completely focused on the song itself.

Performing in front of an audience is bliss, I believe it is the only way an artist can truly get his message through to the crowd: by being physically there and pouring his heart out in front of people. Still, it can be really hard at first, when you start out. But then again, beginnings are never easy!

Later on, in December, I performed a couple of songs at the 2012 Elle Style Awards, along with Mihnea Ferezan, the talented guitar player who accompanies me and I was also nominated for ‘Best Female Artist’! This kind of an event was completely new for me, there were photographers everywhere and mostly every single famous person you get to see on local television stations was there… or at least that’s how it felt for me! Everybody was really nice and supportive before and after I performed and this kind of support helped me a lot with my nervousness!

My last performance of this year was at the UNICEF benefit concert held on the 17th of December, where I helped raise funds for vulnerable children in Romania alongside two very talented local artists, Vunk and Smiley. I was so glad that there were so many people in the crowd, because that meant that each of them had contributed to the fund raising and that we had reached our goal! I did not play this gig by myself, but I was accompanied by the wonderful Mihnea and Victor Ferezan – guitar and bass guitar- and Radu Moldovan –drums- !

Overall, this year was an incredible journey for me and I hope it will continue just the way it did until now! I am currently working on the album, which is definitely going to be out by the end of next year and I promise you that new stuff will be out really, really soon!

I wish you all happy holidays and all the love in the world and I hope that 2013 will be the best year you’ve ever had!!!

Lucia, over and out, 11:07 PM


The Best is Yet to Come

So… where was I?

Oh, yes, after we realized that “Silence” had become quite a success (a small but heart-warming one), Marius and I decided we’d give writing music together a go, as “Silence” had been written by him and his band and it fit my voice so well. We started playing around on our piano and our guitar and had a brand new song in about a week or so, which made us realize that we did complete each other musically. Soon, we had a couple more songs in store and we started receiving management proposals from a couple of Romanian companies. This happened around the end of February and by June of 2012, after a long period of constant debating, we signed our management contract with Global Records.

In August we shot the music video for “Me Over You”, which is written by us as well, and by the end of the month we were already heading to London to meet international producers and start learning some real writing and producing in REAL studios (up until then, we’d been writing in the guys’ studio, located in an abandoned factory in Bucharest :)) ).

The experience was amazing and it still is every single time we go back to London and in the studio with all the great producers who are happy to work with us and gradually teach us how all this stuff works in the music industry. Everything was really confusing at first because we didn’t know what we were supposed to do when we got together with the first producer at his studio downtown London. We were quite scared but we hit it off right away and started getting the hang of it all. All the equipment producers have there makes recording so much easier and so much more pleasant, as we had been recording every melody we came up with back home with the help of our… iPhone Voice Memos! Every single one of the producers we worked with was amazing and had a lot of patience (as needed with beginners like us) and we headed home with a couple of new songs and some of the most beautiful experiences of our lives!
In this very moment, as I am writing this blog entry for you guys, we have a cozy new studio here, in Bucharest, where we have started properly writing , producing and recording our songs and I honestly hope you will love the new stuff as much as you enjoyed “Silence” and “Me Over You”!

Lots of love,

Lucia, over and out, 1:37


The story behind “Silence”

In this very moment, as I am writing this blog entry for you guys, the music video for “Silence” has reached a bit over two and a half million views… It might not seem a lot to some people, but for me it is one of the most important things in my life right now! I love every single one of you, every single person who has ever watched my videos and appreciated them and every single person who has liked my Facebook page… from the bottom of my heart!

As I was saying in the previous post, I think I’ve made the best decision of my life when I posted the cover of “Silence” on the guys’ Facebook page. I was really afraid of what their reaction to it would be at first, because I had switched things up quite a bit: I played it on the piano instead of playing it on the guitar and I changed quite a lot of the melody, for it to fit my voice better. I first thought that they would hate it and anxiously waited for their feedback on that one warm day of September.

They loved it the moment they first listened to it, exactly because… it was completely different than theirs! Their lead singer, Marius (currently my fellow writer and one of my best friends, but we’ll get to that soon 🙂 ) contacted me and suggested that…we make a music video for it! It was the first time I ever cried out of joy and apparently made it look so frightening that when my mom saw me, she panicked instantly! I explained everything to her and we started planning everything.

We ended up shooting the video at the end of January of 2012 and it all wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Hypno, the wonderful director who did such an amazing job, even if the video was made with quite a low budget. We shot it in a Bucharest high school of music and arts and only had a couple of hours in order to get it right. I had never been more nervous in my entire life, as singing with a crew around me and with a couple of cameras pointing to my face was not on my “been there, done that” list. Everything you see and hear in the music video is recorded live by the video technicians crew and our talented sound engineer, Marius Costache. It took us about 10 takes to get it right, if I remember well, and we had to hold the sustain pedal down to the ground using a brick, as I had never played a real piano and had no knowledge of using a pedal. Even though it might not be the right way to do it, we did the same thing when we recorded “Me Over You”, because I just love the way it sounds.

We finally put the video up at the beginning of February, on Valentine’s day, to be more precise. I joked around with my friends saying that “poor, single me” would lie in bed all day, eat a lot and watch my own video for 24 hours straight. :)) Well, I might have eaten a lot and done nothing but watch TV all day, but when I checked the video that evening, I had the surprise of my life…5.000 people had already watched it, and I had only told my friends about it! When I checked my Facebook page I realized that more than half of my friends had shared it, and their friends had shared it too and so on! I thank the Internet every single day, as without it, none of this would have been possible.

Lucia, over and out, 12:51


A bit over a year

Even though the calendar never lies, I still find it hard to believe it’s been more than a year ever since the beginning of all this madness! I’m quite sure that most of you don’t know that back in 2011 I had no idea I’d pursue a musical career and that all I’d wanted to do was become a child psychologist. But let’s go back to the moment it all started.
To begin with, my debut song, “Silence”, is actually a cover of one of my favourite Romanian bands, called The MOOoD. I used to (and still do, don’t get me wrong!) like them a lot and, one evening back in the summer of 2011, after one of their concerts, I felt the urge to make a cover of one of their songs in order to show them how much I appreciated them. That song was not “Silence”, but another song of theirs, which I played on my tiny guitar in the tiny balcony of my parent’s apartment.
If we rewind the story a bit, before coming up with the idea to record that cover and post it on their Facebook page, I did have some (small but not insignificant) contacts with music. When I was around 3 or 4 years old, my parents took me to a children’s choir in order to fill my spare time with different activities, but I don’t remember more than bits and pieces of that experience. The next encounter I had with singing was in 7th grade, when I joined a choir that my best friend’s grandfather conducted. I was categorized as a “soprano”, but I was told I had a mediocre voice and never got to sing lead parts in any song. I sang in this choir until I was in the 10th grade and planned to keep singing as a hobby while preparing for college: I was going to major in psychology and work with children, probably as a school psychologist. My future was quite clear, I might have said back then.
This is where I left off: the summer of 2011. As I said, I posted the cover on their Facebook page and they enjoyed it, but it was not… “exceptional”. I was really happy with their feedback and decided to cover another one of their songs which was…obviously, “Silence”. Though I was really afraid to post it at first, I am now so glad I decided to do so…
To be continued…